Stances and Beliefs

Standing up to special interests and standing for South Dakotans.  For more details on Tim’s policies, positions and stances, please see Guiding Principles, Tim on the Issues, and Tim’s Promises to South Dakota.


Accepts NO special interest or PAC money, beholden only to South Dakota

Family Farms

Supports family producers, not Big Ag or their PACs and special interest money


Affordable Healthcare for every American and opposing Big Pharma


Respecting a work ethic and fighting for fair wages for a day’s work


Serving our Veterans as faithfully as they have served us

Our Children

Protecting vulnerable children, before and after birth

Contribute Participate

Help Tim Bjorkman ensure that PAC money doesn’t control South Dakota’s representatives.
Tim accepts NO PAC money — Dusty Johnson DOES.
You can help fight meddling in our politics by donating or doing what you can.
Every penny and every little effort counts!

Tim's Message

I am convinced that we need to send strong, independent leaders to Washington who will stand up for South Dakota values. I will be a voice of reason and support for those who work and send their sons and daughters off to war. I am also convinced we need timely healthcare for all, and far, far more effort to protect the vulnerable children growing up in our communities. That’s why I am running for Congress.


The issues we face are not insurmountable. We just need common sense people who are willing to work across the aisle to get the job done. My entire career as a judge was devoted to seeking fair answers to problems in a nonpartisan manner, and that is how I will legislate as your congressman.


I have never been politically active, and I don’t care what your politics are. I need your help if we are going to build a better South Dakota and America.

Tim Refuses PAC Money

There are 435 members of Congress.  Only 6 refuse PAC money and are 100% beholden to their voters.  Help make Tim Bjorkman the 7th.

About Tim

About Tim

Tim’s story, from a humble start,
to law school and law practice,
to South Dakota Circuit Court Judge

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Pledges and Promises

Pledges and Promises

Read about Tim’s specific commitments on
issues that concern all South Dakotans

Learn More
Help Us Flourish

Help Us Flourish

We need your help if we are going to take South Dakota and America back from special interests


The Latest News

Bjorkman: No PAC or special interest money; just people serving people

Bjorkman: No PAC or special interest money; just people serving people

I’ve pledged to run a campaign free of special interest political action committees (PACs), corporate and national party money. Unlike me, Dusty has taken over $221,000 of PAC dollars. On the other hand, I’ve lived up to the exact promise I made to voters – at significant sacrifice to our fundraising.  That's OK,…

The Contrast Between the Tim Bjorkman and Dusty Johnson Campaigns is Striking

The Contrast Between the Tim Bjorkman and Dusty Johnson Campaigns is Striking

CANISTOTA—Both the Tim Bjorkman and Dusty Johnson congressional campaigns released their FEC reports today, "and the contrast between the two couldn't be more striking," Bjorkman communications director Tom Lawrence said. "Many more South Dakotans contributed to Bjorkman's campaign than Johnson's, with 1,880 South Dakotans contributing unitemized contributions (under $200) to…

Tim: Glad E15 sales moving forward

Tim: Glad E15 sales moving forward

I’m glad that President Trump has finally made good on allowing the sale of E15 fuel year-round, even though it appears to be a political effort to shore up support in the Midwest. It reflects what members of both parties have been calling for in this state for months now,…

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