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Tim stances on key issues facing South Dakota —

and the specific solutions he offers

Tim Bjorkman, former circuit court judge 2007-2017
Tim Bjorkman: Former Circuit Court Judge, 2007-2017

Tim’s thorough, law review article, “A State in Shackles,” (blue button, below) illuminates the state of our
judicial system.  The enormous cost of high incarceration rates and the terrible consequences of drug abuse and addiction
are well documented.  The case for access to health care and basic services for children at risk is
compelling — and would appear to be one of the best, high-return investment a state or nation can make — as witnessed
during Tim’s tenure on the bench.  Finally, “A State in Shackles” sheds light on Tim himself.  His thoughtful,
compassionate, rationale is clearly the kind of thinking our country needs in Washington today.