Stances and Beliefs

Standing up to special interests and standing for South Dakotans


Accepts NO special interest or PAC money, beholden only to South Dakota

Family Farms

Supports family producers, not Big Ag or their PACs and special interest money


Affordable Healthcare for every American and opposing Big Pharma


Respecting a work ethic and fighting for fair wages for a day’s work


Serving our Veterans as faithfully as they have served us

Our Children

Protecting vulnerable children, before and after birth

Contribute Participate

Help Tim Bjorkman ensure that PAC money doesn’t control South Dakota’s representatives.
Tim accepts NO PAC money — Dusty Johnson DOES.
You can help fight meddling in our politics by donating or doing what you can.
Every penny and every little effort counts!

About Tim

About Tim

Tim’s story, from a humble start,
to law school and law practice,
to South Dakota Circuit Court Judge

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Pledges and Promises

Pledges and Promises

Read about Tim’s specific commitments on
issues that concern all South Dakotans

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Help Us Flourish

Help Us Flourish

We need your help if we are going to take South Dakota and America back from special interests


Change Comes
from the Outside

There is fundamentally nothing wrong with America that we cannot solve.  We just need new managers in Congress who are willing to work together and push past the corporate lobbyists.

Partisan Bickering
Must End

We Republicans and Democrats are not adversaries, but joint heirs of the American Experiment and joint caretakers of the American Dream. How well we fulfill our roles will determine the kind of America we leave for those who follow us.

Tim's Message

I am convinced that we need to send strong, independent leaders to Washington who will stand up for South Dakota values. I will be a voice of reason and support for those who work and send their sons and daughters off to war. I am also convinced we need timely healthcare for all, and far, far more effort to protect the vulnerable children growing up in our communities. That’s why I am running for Congress.


The issues we face are not insurmountable. We just need common sense people who are willing to work across the aisle to get the job done. My entire career as a judge was devoted to seeking fair answers to problems in a nonpartisan manner, and that is how I will legislate as your congressman.


I have never been politically active, and I don’t care what your politics are. I need your help if we are going to build a better South Dakota and America.

Tim Refuses PAC Money

There are 435 members of Congress.  Only 6 refuse PAC money and are 100% beholden to their voters.  Help make Tim Bjorkman the 7th.

The Latest News

Campaign news and notes from Tim

Why they did it: Staff, volunteers explain reasons

Why they did it: Staff, volunteers explain reasons

Why did so many people join Tim Bjorkman's campaign for Congress? What drew them to work for this former judge who started out with so many challenges, including a lack of a political background, a refusal to accept money from special interests, and a determination to stand, alone if necessary,…

Longtime GOP official Samp endorses Tim

Longtime GOP official Samp endorses Tim

SIOUX FALLS—A longtime South Dakota Republican Party official who worked closely with a congressman and two governors, all Republicans, is backing Tim Bjorkman for Congress. Rollyn H. “Rolly” Samp of Sioux Falls endorsed Tim Bjorkman this week in a release from his law office. In his release, he said he…

Protecting Social Security

Protecting Social Security

My 10th South Dakota Promise: I will be a sentinel to protect Social Security against attacks from the Republican Congress. Republicans promised us the tax breaks for the wealthy would pay for themselves. As I and anyone else familiar with arithmetic said then, that was wrong -- and untruthful. That…

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