Meet Kay Bjorkman

Kay Bjorkman prefers to work in the background, out of the spotlight — but her intelligence, counsel, wit, and grace, are essential to the Bjorkman campaign.  Kay was instrumental in leading and helping the couple’s decision to run for Congress.  She oversees much including campaign finances, writes copy for anything from Facebook ads to fundraising letters, and so much more.  In short, without Kay, there would be no Bjorkman campaign.


Here is Kay, below in video, candidly and unscripted, describing her support for Tim.

Tim and Kay raised four sons:

James, a 2006 West Point graduate, who served as a platoon leader in Iraq, and later as an Army captain, and who now lives in Katy, Texas, where he works in the petroleum industry.
John served for 12 years with the South Dakota National Guard, including two deployments in the War of Iraqi Freedom with Charlie Battery. John is currently a senior at Augustana University, and also works in farming.
Sam, a West Point graduate, served as an Army captain and now lives in Aberdeen with his wife Naomi (Fuhrman) Bjorkman, a West Point graduate who also served as an Army captain. They have two children, Tessa Joy, who begins the seventh generation of South Dakota Bjorkmans, and Isaac John. Naomi is a homemaker and Sam works for the campaign as the Northeast SD Field Coordinator/Fundraiser at the campaign’s Aberdeen office.

Seth is a 2017 graduate of Southeast Technical Institute and is married to Caitria (Sweeney) Bjorkman. Seth is employed in the hotel business and Caitria is employed in food services and attends college. They live in Sioux Falls with their infant son, Alexander James Bjorkman.


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The problem with running for Congress, Kay and Tim knew as they wrestled with the decision, was financing.

Tim refuses to take any money from PACs, SuperPACs, or any special interests.  You can’t stand up to special interests like Big Pharma if you take their money.  And standing up to Big Pharma and other special interests who want to control Congress is exactly what Tim intends to do.

Tim’s grass-roots effort and anti-PAC stance has been received warmly — but that doesn’t mean PAC money won’t come into the state and attack Tim.  The Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and other billionaires are putting money behind candidates, all over the country, that will support their individual agendas.

That’s just not right.

The Koch brothers and Mr. Adelson, with all due respect, shouldn’t get to help decide, through virtue of their huge bank accounts, who represents South Dakotans.

That choice should be left to SOUTH DAKOTANS and no-one else. 

A vote for Tim is a vote for a man who will owe nothing to any special interests.  He will only be beholden to South Dakota and her people.

Isn’t that what America and Democracy are supposed to be about?

This is why we truly need your help.  Without individual donations, and without volunteers, the campaign falters.  It’s that simple.

Please give or volunteer if you are able, and if you plan to vote for Tim, we hope you’ll sign our pledge to show your support.  Kay — and TIm, of course — will be most grateful as they tirelessly travel the campaign trail, and work to ensure every dollar donated is used wisely.

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