Tim Bjorkman: Standing up to Big Pharma

Tim Bjorkman takes no special interest money.  Not from PACs, not from corporations, not from political parties.  The reason?  Tim is tired of watching politician after politician go to Washington, promising to fight for the people of South Dakota.  Inevitably, every politician who takes this “dirty” money winds up serving their donors far more than ordinary South Dakotans.

That’s why Tim and his wife, Kay, decided they must run — as outsiders, with little political experience.  Only by ousting the career politicians, can real change come about.   Time and time again, career politicians tell us that just because they take special interest money, doesn’t mean they are beholden to them.

We in the Bjorkman campaign see it differently.  It’s simple: You can’t stand up to special interests if you take their money.

Help us stamp out special interest money; the swamp, PACs, and dark money can only be defeated if we don’t vote for candidates that take it.  Please cast your vote for Tim Bjorkman as South Dakotas lone Congressman.

Remember: Early Voting is now open, so you can cast your vote TODAY.

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